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From souk to souk

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From Souk to Souk

From Souk to Souk is based on Robin Ratchford’s journeys across the Middle East. From the historic bazaar of Aleppo in Syria before it was destroyed to the street markets of Baghdad, Robin offers an innovative account of his travels across the region with its ancient cities and glittering metropolises.

From Souk to Souk breaks the rules of the traditional travelogue. Robin takes the many challenges this volatile part of the world faces and gives them a more human perspective, providing a new way to view these countries steeped in history. With his vivid descriptions, Robin shows us why the Middle East has always caught the imagination of those who visit it. Experience the sights, sounds, flavours and fragrances of these extraordinary places as if you were really there and join Robin on an atmospheric journey From Souk to Souk.


“From Souk to Souk is a wonderful book. Robin Ratchford’s account of his ‘travels in Arabia’ is a delightful contrast to the gloomy picture of the region usually conveyed by today’s newspapers and television. He writes beautifully.”

Stanley Johnson

“A gem of a book. Robin tells of his experiences in the markets of the Middle East
through 13 entertaining travelogues. Alternating between the bazaars and the bizarre,
it is informative and entertaining in the best tradition of British travel writing.”

James Wilcox

Untamed Borders

“A mesmerising account, often serious, frequently light hearted, always historically accurate.”

Carl Marsh


“One of the most engaging & sensually stimulating books I’ve read in a long time.”

Ingrid Hall

Indie and Proud