An Autumn Mystery

A true tale from the mountains of Liechtenstein

You have no doubt heard the expression ‘things that go bump in the night’.  It is a rather hackneyed collection of words, usually referring to tales of nocturnal visits by ghosts or poltergeists.  Overuse has given it a tongue in cheek meaning. Well, this autumn I had a strange and rather unnerving experience when something […]

Das 4. Pferd der Quadriga

Vom 1. Juni 2017 bis 15. April 2018 gab es im Verbindungsbüro des Deutschen Bundestages bei der Europäischen Union in Brüssel die Ausstellung „Ansichten“ mit Fotografien und Videoarbeiten zu Johann Gottfried Schadow von Christoph Brech. Johann Gottfried Schadow (1764-1850) war ein preußischer Grafiker und der bedeutendste Bildhauer des deutschen Klassizmus.  Sein bekanntestes Werk ist die […]

A Strange Immortality

The Syrian city of Aleppo has hardly been out of the news over the past four years – sadly, for all the wrong reasons.  The images we see in the media today are of a city large parts of which have been reduced to rubble.  Thousands of people have been killed; many more have fled. […]

Faroes Green

Somewhere in the North Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland lies a group of 18 islands. On a clear day, they sparkle like emeralds tossed onto folds of blue satin, but for most of the time the weather at this latitude is less kind and their appearance is of a rough and unforgiving land shrouded in […]

The House Opposite

‘They’re coming back!’ cried Roger. ‘Get down or they’ll see you!’ hissed Susan, pulling her brother below the window sill. Now both crouching, the two children peered through the partly open window to see the car swinging into the driveway of the house opposite, its whitewall tyres revolving slowly.  It crunched its way across the […]

Albert Becomes a SOTAC

There was no wind, of course, because it was Monday, just a clinging dampness in the air.  Tomorrow he would have to brave the Tuesday rain, but at the moment he had more important things on his mind.  He had been told to report for duty at 8 o’clock and he was late.  And he was […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

So, I’m just back from the so-called Hermit Kingdom, or the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea as it is officially known.  Stepping out of the Air Koryo Tupolev at Pyongyang Airport, I was met by a scene that could have come straight from some film depicting a stereotypical image of a drab dictatorship:  grey skies […]

Déjà Vu

 ‘Oh!’ she exclaimed, stopping in her tracks.  ‘I’ve been here before!’ ‘What?  I thought you said you had never been to Northumberland.  I thought that was the whole point of us coming here:  going somewhere new for a change!’ Elisabeth stared straight ahead as if trying to make out something on the horizon. ‘I can’t […]