Arabica Dreams

Sitting in the fridge and waiting
In the darkness, in the cold
Dormant treasure, there for tasting:
My own volcano from Ecuador!

Rendered up the precious chattel
Sacred roast meets altar’s blades
Umber jewels tumble, rattle:
Tribal percussion from Africa!

The lid is closed, down goes the switch
Bouncing beans, a short-lived dance
Whirling, now a grainy dervish:
Future told from Anatolia!

The spoon scoops up the brownest gold
Swirling grains in steaming water
Magical scents rise and unfold:
Voodoo potion from Dominica!

The foaming brew, dark in the pot
Ebon philtre, sultry drink
Pouting, tempting, tropical, hot:
A gyrating whore from Zanzibar!

Heady scent, the strong aroma
Liquid velvet in the cup
Promise kept of craved-for flavour:
Hot drug from rich Colombia!

To yearning lips the mug is brought
Morning kiss, sweet liaison
Wonderful taste, first caffeine shot:
True salvation from El Salvador!